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Ready to get your hands dirty writing Python code?

If your ready to make your own stand alone dna analysis tool in python, then Python DNA Tool is the series for you.

Do you want to write python code that can analyze DNA? If your looking for a great place to start with bioinformatics, this video may be exactly what your looking for. In this video series I will walk you through these skills necessary for any bioinformatician including,

  • How to mine DNA from online resources
  • How to make your own standalone Python programs called Classes
  • How to read in any DNA sequence and know with 100% certainty your getting the right results
  • Mine DNA for it’s valuable information including:
  1. GC content,
  2. Amino acid composition
  3. Codon usage
  • Print your data in a clear report like format so you can easily display your DATA
  • Modularize your code so you can use it on any DNA you need, on the fly
  • Build a great resume tool which you can demo to future employers

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